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Are soft point bullets good for self defense

Dec 30, 2011 · The solid soft lead bullet is undoubtably the best and most satisfactory expanding bullet that has ever been designed. It invariably mushrooms perfectly, and never breaks up. With the metal base that is essential for velocities of 2000 f.s. and upwards to protect the naked base, these metal-based soft lead bullets are splendid..
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Search: 223 62gr Soft Point. 4 gr TAC fired from 11 Proof of our dedication to providing you with the widest selection of centerfire ammunition in the industry, our High Performance Rifle series consists of a multitude of calibers and popular bullet styles to match your specialized hunting and shooting pursuits 712" Min expansion: 0 speer gold dot soft point Speer Gold Dot ammunition's. This 200 grain hollow point has plenty of what it takes for self-defense. It offers 875 fps of Muzzle Velocity. Winchester Ammunition Platinum Tip 250 Grain JHP. A bit more expensive than the other brands, Winchester offers this American-made self-defense cartridge with 1250 fps Muzzle Velocity. Best .44 Mag Ammo for Hunting.
776 Posts. #20 · Dec 16, 2018. Going back to the last bit question in your original post, rajasj....the original bullet weight .357 was designed around was 158gr. As others have noted, however, 125gr to 135gr is viewed by many, myself included, as optimal for most uses. 1 - 20 of 47 Posts.
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Apr 25, 2019 · The Best Self Defense Ammo – Ballistic Testing. A massive test of self-defense ammo with ballistic gelatin and a treasure trove of data for shooters. The team tests 143 different handgun loads through a 4-layer barrier into ballistic gelatin. Enjoy the treasure trove of data and see how each round compared under identical testing .... Lead bullets will deform and have much less penetration while hard cast bullets will maintain their shape and penetrate deeply however, this requires using sufficiently hard alloy mixes, matched with intended impact speeds on the intended medium. Hard cast bullets can be alloyed and designed for hunting large and dangerous game where deep.

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The main issue we see is that because ammo is marketed as "hollow point" or "self-defense" ammunition, people believe that it's the best thing to have. The sad reality is that some of the available hollow points are only marginally better than your average ball ammo is, as they don't expand consistently, or don't expand at all.

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For rifle bullets: Soft point bullets are typically for hunting applications. The lead core is exposed ahead of the jacket to initiate expansion as opposed to a FMJ which will punch through a target without as much expansion thus not transfering as much energy into the tatget.

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Several frangible hollow points are available at the moment, intended for use as self-defense ammunition. You can find boxes/brands billed for this purpose like Liberty Civil Defense ,.
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The .223 has a variety of hollow point factory loads to choose from and all are good man stoppers. The AR-15, Ruger Mini-14, Steyr Aug, and others all work well as self-defense rifles. Federal 40 grain P223V high-velocity hollow point works well. Marshall says this is the #1 urban defense load..

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It penetrated 12 inches and fragmented. Velocity is 1320 fps. This is a fast load with too much recoil for home defense, we believe, although wound ballistics would be superior to the lighter loads for animal defense. The soft lead slug left large shards in the water jugs. Accuracy is good. We rated it down for animal defense based on penetration.
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Jun 04, 2011 · Note: these soft-point bullets have an exposed lead tip and cannot be rechambered more than a few times. May not feed reliably in some rifles. 1:10 or faster twist required. - Winchester Supreme PowerPoint Plus (.223) - Winchester Super-X PowerPoint (.223) 7. M193-class ammo, 55gr FMJ-BT bullet..
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Whereas traditional ammunition most often features a bullet made of solid lead jacketed in copper that holds the bullet together as it penetrates a target, frangible ammo features a bullet that fragments, or in some cases is pulverized, after striking its first significant barrier. Frangible projectiles are used for three main reasons: 1. Frangible bullets penetrate less than non-frangible.

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Nov 15, 2016 · Winchester PDX1 Defender. Without a doubt, the Winchester PDX1 Defender is one of the premier self-defense rounds in 7.62x39mm. This purpose-built load uses a bonded hollow point to ensure weight retention without hampering expansion. It is designed specifically for semi-automatic weapons and performs impressively in the testing I have witnessed..
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A jacketed hollow point (L) and solid copper hollow point after expansion. Ammo by Double Tap Ammunition. Hollow point bullets are usually jacketed as well around the conical exterior.

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For legal reasons, I would recommend using some sort of store-bought ammo for self defense. Unless you have handloaders and bullet casters on your jury, they will probably try to make you out to look like some kind of mad scientist. Not worth the legal risk/hassle, IMO. I carry Speer Gold Dot short barrel ammo in my .357.

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424 ft-lbs. Muzzle Energy. Hornady Ammunition: Custom 180 Grain JHP. When it comes to finding the best self-defense 10mm ammo, Hornady stands at the front of the line. This 180 Grain JHP bullet is made for self-defense. It carries maximum power to stop threats as well as offering excellent penetration of the target..
Whereas defense rounds are specifically manufactured to create damage to the object or target that it hits. Commonly called hollow-point projectiles, these bullets feature a cavity on the tip of the bullet. This cavity, or hollow-point, causes the bullet to expand upon impact causing a significantly higher amount of damage than a bullet meant.
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Some people are concerned about possible over-penetration in the home environment and start using frangible ammunition or fragmenting ammunition. Several frangible hollow points are available at the moment, intended for use as self-defense ammunition. You can find boxes/brands billed for this purpose like Liberty Civil Defense, Federal SynTech.

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I have a bunch of 158 LFN bullets for the .38SP and was wondering if they would be a good bullet for self defense. I know that jacketed hollow points are the norm but would like to hear your opinions on these LFN bullets. Thanks.

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Apr 23, 2018 · A soft-point bullet is generally a good option when you need both penetration to reach vital organs and the expansion to create a lethal, fast-acting wound. Wild hog, for example, can have extremely tough hides and layers of muscle..

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By far the most popular pistol round bought worldwide, the 9mm round is extremely versatile from the shooting range to self-defense. With variable grains available and different <b>bullet</b> designs, <b>9mm</b> rounds provide enough stopping power at close range to protect yourself, and enough accuracy to be used in. SWC = Semi Wad Cutter.

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Everything from hunting to match target, from 17 Hornet, to 223 Remington, 270 Winchester, to 6Blackout Model Pentagon Bullet Weight 125 gr Rounds Per Box 20 Casing Material Stainless Steel Application Defense,Tactical Boxes Per Case 10 Bullet Type Copper Polymer 300 AAC Blackout - 125 Grain SCHP - NovX Pentagon - 20 Rounds Ammunition Home. HARDER-HITTING PERFORMANCE. A popular round for self-defense and tactical applications, it features a copper semi-jacketed, 158-grain soft-point lead projectile with a blistering velocity of 1,545 feet per second. ... Bullet Type. Semi-Jacketed Soft Point. Firearm. Handgun. Application. Target/Range. Packaging. 1000 Per case. 50 Per Box.
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Sep 21, 2021 · To be certain, the FMJ is not one of the best self-defense bullets. Its simple solid lead core and gilding metal jacket make the FMJ incapable of delivering terminal expansion, which is the defining characteristic of a self-defense bullet. But the FMJ has often been used to neutralize (or, to put it less politically correctly, kill) people..
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Ammunition in New Jersey desigend specifically for Self-Defense in a handgun has had some significant technological advances, most notably the newest generation of high performance ammunition deliver terminal ballistics until recent years were simply technically inconceivable. The recent advancement in handgun ammo for Self-Defense capability ....

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Answer (1 of 6): In terms of handguns hollow points have a singular advantage to FMJ, they can make a bigger hole in the same caliber. Sometimes that is a good thing. If the object is to stop the threat there are really three ways to accomplish that goal; 1) Pull out your gun and hope the BG is.
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Is ammo good for self-defense? Jacketed hollow points (JHP) are ammunition designed specifically for self-defense. Hollow points are far more effective for defense because not only are they designed to expand upon impact, they also are designed to transfer almost all of their energy into the target as well. ... (FMJ) bullet is a small-arms.

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Additionally, pistol bullets can only damage tissue by actually crushing that tissue. There is no "energy dump" or "hydrostatic shock" with pistol bullets, only actual tissue damage. That also makes penetration the most important wounding mechanism for pistols. If a bullet doesn't reach vital structures, it's no good for self defense.

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SJ bullets are typically good for self defense. The exposed soft lead flattens and expands on impact, dumping its energy efficiently into a target. A SJ can be had on many different bullet types, but unless describe, ie semi jacketed hollow point, round nose is implied.

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The United States Military spent the 1980s “going green” by painting all their M855 bullets. ... The “softer” M193 projectiles do more ballistic damage when hitting soft targets, making them a good choice for hunting applications. ... Using M855 as a self-defense round could lead to unwanted legal issues.
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Apr 25, 2019 · The Best Self Defense Ammo – Ballistic Testing. A massive test of self-defense ammo with ballistic gelatin and a treasure trove of data for shooters. The team tests 143 different handgun loads through a 4-layer barrier into ballistic gelatin. Enjoy the treasure trove of data and see how each round compared under identical testing ....

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